Tuesday, February 1, 2011

let's talk about that 70 degree weather...

so remember last year around halloween time i posted about those awesome airline tickets?
we went ahead and bought some to spend a fun weekend in az with family, in the sun, and away from school!
like i said in the last post, going there and and back we had to wake up at 4:30 am for flights.
yeah, talk about wanting to shoot your brains out.
but it was worth it :)
isn't it funny how when you fly from a cold place to warm, you have to carry these ridiculous huge jackets around with you on the plane and out of the airport and you feel so dumb?
and on the flip side, when you go back to that cold place, you never where enough warm stuff on the plane and you're freezing at the airport til you get home?
yeah, that's dumb.

so onto the trip :)
we landed.
went to the temple with my mom really quick.
went to in-n-out for a shake bc i was starving.
filled a half hour of time with old navy shopping (casey ended up paying $1 for his favorite pair of swet pants, long story, but funny. and i got a few too many earrings)
went back to in-n-out to get a bunch of lunch for everyone (we had to wait til 11:30 to get lunch so it'd still be hot for when we brought it to my dad's office when they weren't busy at 12:)
hung out at the office for awhile and loved every bit of it.
we were so excited like usual to see the nieces!
it's amazing how much they grown and change in just month's time!
group pic courtesy of self-timer. thank you self-timer.
 so phoebe is incredibly ticklish these days, and it's beyond hilarious!
this is one pic in a series of casey relentlessly tickling her little legs, so cute!

we then went straight to bahama bucks.
but this time we finally got our free one.
casey was beyond excited, as was annalee.
look at the size difference in annalee's "cup" v casey's cup...ridiculous huh?
casey always gets cream soda and cotton candy.
annalee always gets a sample of a blue flavor.
i always get watermelon.
i guess we're creatures of habit.

came home.
watched annalee play with dolls for awhile.
and then we crashed for 3 good hours.
luckily the little girls did too so we didn't miss out on anything.

that night we somehow got the energy to go to the park too.
it was quite lovely if i do say so myself :)
annalee was a hoot the whole time, constantly wanting to go higher and higher asking anyone who was standing there and not doing anything to do something
 is phoebe's hair not adorable?! i was loving it all weekend!

we also went to the mall to go see the movie megamind, twas cute :) and annalee loved it.
to waste a little time before the movie we walked through the mall a little,
annalee and i found the hat section and had too much fun

annalee has come to love playdough in the past few months.
we got to build "pretty castles" with her
this is probably something everyone else knows, 
but did you know you can rehydrate your crumbly playdough?
yeah, my brother was playing with us and just kept spraying water on it and mixing it in,
Other activities include:
 -2 new games we played of my brother and SIL wits and wagers and...something else
- hearing my SIL sing in church, she did wonderful
-updating my mom's balloon blog
-50% off saturday at goodwill shopping
-6 babies were born in my parent's ward last week (not really an activity, i just wanted to share that)
-savagely taking grass samples of arizona grass...it's for my turf ID competition :)

twas fun.
we'll see you again in march arizona!


Cherri said...

Come Back Soon!

Cherri said...

PS you picked the right weekend... this weekend it is going to drop down into the low 40's during the day. Poor Amanda and Weston.

Janell Haws said...

ah i'm so jealous! the weather looks AMAZING! i cannot wait until i don't have to wear a million and a half layers and plan to leave my house 30 minutes in advance so i can clear off all the ice... hahah