Monday, February 21, 2011

one sunday, we played in the snow together in provo

so this last week felt pretty much like spring had arrived, it was awesome.
then it suddenly snowed a lot of the day on sunday.
not much of a surprise for provo weather!
since church isn't til 2 stinking 30,
we took a walk and made a little video while we were bored before church.
warning: my outfit is super duper awesome/coordinated in this

Provo snow fun 2011 from Kimber Cutler on Vimeo.

music from Jeremy Larson "engaged" via a beautiful mess
free download here 

ps- side note about recording little home videos and watching them later:
when i re-watch things on the computer, i seriously laugh the exact same way (duration, tone, type, breaths, etc) as when i laugh in the video, so weird!
it's like an exact echo!

pps- blair, can you lip read what i'm saying at about 1 minute in the video when i'm bouncing my hair back and forth? 
kudos to you if you can! 


Jacie Saltzman said...

i. love. home made videos. :)

Cody and Camille said...

love, love, love!!! Your first video on imovie and it's amazing!!! How did you do the fast forward and rewind?!? It's awesome... seriously awesome. Maybe it's the newer version thing:)

thoughts: kimber looks hot in the pj pants and being all cute & girly for the camera, can't get enough of the pirate Mr. Captain Sammy, the video reminds me of a home video from the 50's during the fast-forward parts which I like A LOT...

alright, I will end the novel. loves!

AN Petersen said...

love it. you are beyond adorable.

Sarah said...

haha this is so cute. i love it and you!