Wednesday, February 16, 2011

to the chopping block round 2

wow, hello crooked-faced kimber...
so to say i was nervous is a GIGANTICLY-MONSTROUS understatement
my heart was pounding so hard sitting there in the chair, i was so seriously scared!
funny thing is, it was my choice to do, i was forcing myself to do it.
i've had long hair pretty much my whole life (the one time i did cut it "short" was in 8th grade and it was still like 2 inches longer than this)
long hair has just been my thing.
i was proud of it.
it was my status symbol of "look i have the patience to grow out my hair long and it's pretty"
it was time for a change.
so i told myself, you're going to cut it, and you're going to donate it.
stop being selfish and cut it off, it'll grow back!
i'm proud to say that i cut off 10 inches and will be sending it to locks of love this week :)
2 more things, just for the record that persuaded me to do so:
a cute friend i met in college, laura bayles, donated hers for a 2nd time right before she left on her mission.
her hair was beautiful and she was selfless.

i ran across this blog of a girl who was the same year in high school as i but at my rival high school (same age and recently married as i- for some reason i feel like i met her at one point too), we had some of the same friends (laura bayles and some others). she's currently battling brain cancer and reading her story really hit home with me. she's an incredible young woman, and i hope the best for her. i hope you will take time to visit her blog and keep her in your prayers.


Brent said...
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Jenna Masters said...

so I left a comment and then realized that I was signed into my work email so it said brent (a 50-something, BYU professor) was telling you how cute you are and how much he loves your hair. creepy.

Well I, Jenna Masters, LOVE your hair! you look great, cute as ever!!

Scottie and Megany said...

I LOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blair said...

good job Kimber. Way to be selfless. And not so "proud" of your long hair. J/k

You are totally cute with short hair, and with that beautifil face you could have any style of hair and still look amazing. I'm glad you did it. (i thought it would have been shorter though! I'm amazed you were able to keep so much length)

Tori said...

oh you are a cutie! i love it!

AN Petersen said...

love it!

Shane and Clara said...

SO CUTE! Im sure it had to be a scary yet exciting change!!! But you look adorable STILL! WAY TO GO!

Nicole said...

this is the first time my hair is longer than yours. You look so lovely, I adore it.

Cherri said...

Bravery: to cut your long hair short

Supportive: to encourage your adorably cute long hair wife to cut her hair short.

Thoughtful: to give the long braid away instead of keeping it.

good advice: hair always grows back especially if the cut is expencive!

You look GREAT Kimber!

Steven said...

you're so cute. i'm glad you're my cousin

Sarah said...

loooove the new hair cut. seriously it's way cute!

Chris, Kerri, & The Boys said...

Love Love love it!! I guess I will be the only one with long hair...haha! You look darling kimber!

Nicole said...

love it! Your hair looks cute!

Jacie Saltzman said...

yeah seriously, like everyone said, it looks awesome! love it! i go through cycles. grow it out, cut it short and donate, grow it out again. haha its addicting. its so liberating having that short hair after spending so long to grow it out. way- to- go!