Monday, February 14, 2011

more birthday celebrating

so, as many of you know, i'm super into "couponing."
it really has become a new life style of shopping for us and i don't think we'll ever go back.
so, to continue our "couponing" traditions,
i mailed casey a list of places to sign up for that they give you free stuff on your birthday!
he signed up for a few of the ones he wanted, and this last week we got some emails for free food!
we used 4 of the things and did so on 2 different days.

tucanos meal: we did this one last year too

red robin burger (our server was a girl in our ward, twas fun:):
 after we ate there there, we walked around the mall for a little bit and bought stuff for me him :)

baskin robins ice cream:

del taco shake:

so we had a lot of fun getting all those free yummies!
the next my family happened to be in town for a baby blessing of my nephew.
casey went to the shooting range with all the boys that day,
he opened a few very sweet gifts from my parents: motorcycle helmet! woot woot! he'll be using that one a lot bc...sometimes he falls off:) and of course, bahama bucks card :)
thanks again so much mom and dad!
we watched a little of the byu v. utah game (go jimmer!) and then headed off to
Pirate Island
casey loves pirates :) remember captain sammy?
we were able to go with all the siblings up here along with a few members of my SILs family who were up for the baby blessing.
if you've never heard of pirate island in orem, it's a pirate themed pizza place with video games,
to say the least, casey was beyond excited.
and we had a lot of fun with abby there too, little kids really do make things so fun (especially when they're not yours, ha!)
amy rem: those are the pants i got at gap on friday! 10 bucks baby! glad you were there:)
  after pirate island,
we went back to my brothers house and played with tristan for awhile,
so cute! and watched a horrible scary movie. i loathe scary movies and they (scott, megan, and casey) always make me watch them! mmeh
(casey is still the baby whisperer: if no one can get tristan to stop crying and he can hear, he'll go in there, work his magic, and the kid will be asleep in 5 minutes flat. it's incredible to see! so glad he's the future father of my children! ha)
for the birthday cake, 
casey requested cheesecake!
i'm no homemaker of cheese cake kind of gal, so we picked a cheesecake blend up from the store.
all twenty four candles

my mom is taking the picture, she was there :)
happy birthday again lover! i hope you enjoyed your birthday week and all your extra special birthday treatments.
i can't believe this is the third birthday of yours we've celebrated together!
i feel so lucky that i'm the one who gets to be your wifey!

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Chris, Kerri, & The Boys said...

Happy bday to Casey!! Looks like so much fun for pennies!!!