Tuesday, February 22, 2011

random ramblings put into 1 post.

we go through phases.
food phases that is.
usually phases that involve crunchy things.
examples given:
sometimes we go through a sleeve of ritz crackers a day.
sometimes we go through gold fish like it's nobody's business.
sometimes i eat wheat thins it nearly every sitting.
sometimes we love cookies.
ok that one is always but you get my drift :)
it's funny how that happens but it always does
also, we are currently loving cuties and carrots (whaa!!?? where's this fruit coming from?!)

thank you for all the comments on my new haircut!
glad no one said i should've kept it long and was dumb to cut it:)
i did it curly for the first time yesterday and here was some of my thought process:
1.wow, i feel like i have little to know hair when i wash it!
2. wow, i barely have to use any product on it now!
3. wow, it dries so fast!
4. wow it's so short!
5. Whoa! after diffusing it, it turned into this huge halo of hair around my neck!
6. curling it is kinda hard bc it's not so easy to get to the back!
7. it's so bouncy!
8. and cute!
9. oh look, it rained, and now it looks a freaking lions mane and turned into a frizball
10. i look like i'm 13 again and don't know how to do my hair. dumb.
seriously. boo on the rain part.


want to know what the main demographics of the library is like on a saturday night?
white males.
that's my conclusion.


it's quite yummy if you ask me.
i love hawaiian. mostly just the pineapple part of it, not so much the ham.
2nd to hawaiian is pepperoni pizza without the pepperoni.
i don't really like the perpperoni its self but i love the taste of the pizza with the juices of the pepperoni.
i don't like plain cooked cheese pizza,
it needs da juices :)
silly huh?

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