Saturday, September 18, 2010


yes, football season has started for all
all are an aspect of our home right now

college football:
BYU football! not like there's really that much to happy about it about though, poor cougars
but we still watch, support, and cheer for the boys!

professional football:
casey keeps track of it for his fantasy team which leads to

fantasy football:
he's obsessed. it's annoying

intramural football:
casey has had 2 intramural games so far and they've been great!
they have won both so that's good for all of us :)
he's on a team combined of missions comps and other people's random friends
above is some of the team.
they decided to be super cool and wear legit jerseys.
they like it, ha
and it just so happened that when we were in wyoming a few weeks ago, the cutlers happened to have a university of wyoming jersey that says cutler! so casey uses that! love it :)
i'm amazed at the beauty of this place, how gorgeous is the scenery just around the intramural field?
we feel so lucky and blessed to be here in provo together these few years.
and this last pic was from today's game:
casey got a hard hit on his face! hopefully it doesn't turn into a black eye
who thought flag football could get so physical?

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Cody and Camille said...

Don't we wives just love football season!?!? Ha.

p.s. The lamp looks great!!! Way to be creative. I'm very impressed:)