Thursday, September 23, 2010

couponing with the savvy shopper!

This Picture makes me so happy!
as you can tell from my way too huge of a smile face that makes me look chinese:)
do you know who she is? you don't? well you should bc she's one of my all time coupon bffaeaeae's :)
no really, her, her site, her videos, are partly of what really helped me to learn how to coupon shop!
and she's one of the all time queens of it! 
i just can't say enough, really, she's incredible and what she does and she's so cute and fun/funny!

tonight i got to go to a coupon seminar she put on here and provo,
and i still learned some awesome tips after all i have already learned!
i just loved every moment!
i had a huge silly grin on my face like the whole time!
seriously friends, DO IT, learn!
this woman has a freaking store in her basement of cheap stuff bc she's so amazing at couponing!
i want to be her someday!
sorry all my sentences end in (!), i'm just so so so so happy right now

and owe so much of my/our new found love and passion to her :)

ps- i think this is the 1st time in my life where i met someone i felt like i totally knew but had never met in real life/slightly idolized and so i was in slight awe/overly excited when i met her. and now i slightly feel like a stalker :)


Nik and Dawna said...

I love Amy too!!!! I learned my new hobby from her too! Nik went with me and by the end of the seminar we both had our jaws on the floor. She is awesome. I keep talking about her and how I want to be like her....with my own store in the basement, stocked and ready to go!
Yay for couponing!!! I love it. It is my relaxation for the week.
Go Kimber!!!

Nik and Dawna said...

P.s. I am super jealous you got a picture with her. dang.