Sunday, September 12, 2010

a plethora of friends

once of my absolute favorite parts about being back in utah is having a plethora of family and friends around! life is just better with people you know in it!
this last week was kind of a celebration of being back in provo with friends and family it seems.

exhibit a
miss brooklyn kellogg's baptism
brooklyn turned 8 during our family reunion but luckily she didn't get baptized til sept so we got to go!
ps- their backyard is theeeee coolest place ever!
exhibit b
get together with freshman girls
this was an absolute hoot! we got about 15-20 of the girls to come over to my place and we just sat around and talked, laughed, reminisced, and learned new stories from current and past years of everyone! i just love all these girls to death! i hope we can continue doing get togethers while we are all here at BYU!
i'm so dumb and didn't take any pictures! but here's some past ones of freshman year for a little bit of memory's sake :)
i know, this pic is not the most flattering of everyone nor does it include everyone but it does include many and watching the bachelor together was such a joy of freshman year!

exhibit c
AG girls
some of us girls who worked at aspen grove last summer got together bc it had been too long!
again, we laughed, talked, reminsced, and learned about everyone's lives!
we were sad kathryn and lindsay could not come though, boo. and again, too much fun was happening and no pictures were taked so here are some past ones!
not flattering pic of us but it's only missing courtney slade from our little get together
this was august scary movie in the park:) so fun

exhibit d
more cousin fun
me and 2 other of my cousins often are able to get together for fun, food, and games with our 3 husbands!
last night was no exception, intense cath phrase (casey always causes trouble), funglish (oober fun), and things (always connected w great inside jokes for future occastions)

exhibit e
footbal with the cutlers
went to the fist home game of the byu football season and casey's parents were able to get tickets too!
loved the game, the feel, the environment, everything about it!
and we also went to j-dawgs! best hot dogs in provo!


Cherri said...

I loved the tent in the front room...... just wait and some day you'll be adding 3 little muchkins to the mix HA then its a lot like real camping.

Jenna Masters said...

I'm soo glad you had so much fun at the reunion! Wish I could have been there so we'll definitely have to have one again winter semester!! love you!

Blair said...

loved the post: good pictures, good fun. Yay for a new semester at BYU and cougar football!

Blair said...
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