Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Things I've learned about myself lately

-I do not like being alone even the tiniest bit anymore. Not at all.
-No matter how much I try bacon, mushrooms, olives, and pickles, I cannot like them for the life of me. I want to, I really do, but I just can't.
-When I don't have meals planned in advance, cooking is a burden. When I have it planned cooking is enjoyable and then Casey can do it with me.
-Routines are good.
It's not worth saving money buying text books online if they're only going to show up a month after school starts and you've missed all that reading
-Our job truly rocks.
-I love milk (2%). I love love love love love it. Not nearly as obsessed about it like Annalee, but I love it when I get my milk. I'd literally drink it with every meal.
-I love Sunday walks :)
-I do not pick up after myself...and I don't even realize it! Casey is helping me remember to put something away that i literally just used!! I'm so dumb- I don't know what has gotten into me lately.

In other news, today's weather was heavenly. We woke up to thunder but no rain came until about 2 in the afternoon so it was beautifully overcast with a little breeze and barely dropped temperatures, so nice.

So for daily praying, Casey and I decided that instead of consistently asking each other "Who prayed last, is it your turn or my turn?" that instead, we'd just take odd vs even days. So that's what we do. I'm even bc I like even numbers. Casey is odd bc that is what was left over :) So yesterday in the morning we said, hmm what day is it?...It's Sept 21! Happy 10 months to us :) We had a quick little kiss and then went on to prayers. It was nothing special except that it was fun acknowledging the fact that it was.

The other day, this woman got mad at me at the library bc the sign above our Library Security office says "University Police" (bc we are a department of them)...she was mad bc the sign was "misleading" bc it wasn't the University Police headquarters...lady, it doesn't say headquarters. Unnecessary attitude was given.

That's it for now from this side of the fence :)


Cherri said...

Funny.... I am alone most of the time now....

Blair said...

I love reading your blog and getting to know you more. You make me laugh. And Annalee loves you guys! Thanks for calling. :)
PS-I can't like pickles, olives, mushrooms, mayonaise or mustard. I just can't. I support your dislike.