Saturday, September 11, 2010

thank goodness it was friday!

one of the best friday afternoons in a long time fo us!

it kinda stinks that we aren't done with school til 5 pm on a friday :(
usually you barely have any classes on fridays, but not for us this year.
i have class from 11-5 with one 1 hour break.
casey has class at 10 and then does research til 5.

so to celebrate being done with another week of schools we

a) went couponing at target:
the following pic was paid for with less than $3, should've been 17 :)
4 packages of oreos for the price of one!
b) we then met up with one of casey and my's most favorite people of all time!
the incredible, lovable, adorable andrea hunt.
we seriously love her to death! she is the mom of the family in cali that we became such good friends with this summer and we love them all to death! she was in slc for an anti-gravity yoga (if you EVER have a chance to do this, DO IT!) session training and came all the way down to provo to visit us!  we cannot begin to say how much we adore her, we were so excited to meet up with her! we ate at iggy's sports grill- way yummy and fun!
c) also that night we were thinking/wanting to go camping but in the end decided we just weren't prepared to go- so we improvised and camped in our apartement! loved it :) and we of course had to have oreos and milk while camping
we just loved our friday, it could not have been better!

btw- i'll try not doing too much of this "look-what-amazing-deal-i-found-now-b/c-i'm-really-into-couponing-thing." but just my last for couponing and questions for you?
1. do you live in the utah area?
2. do you want to get free and practically free things?
3. do you want to coupon?
k, here's the deal: the utah couponing queen (the savvyshopper) is doing a free workshop in provo on sept 23, totally go if you want to learn how to start doing this, i promise it'll pay off! just go to the site and sign up to say you're coming! i will see you there!
another ps on couponing- i use the hip2save website mostly, every once and awhile i'll use the savvyshoppers too but i love love love hip2save. they're both great for different areas :)

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AN Petersen said...

I love couponing too Kimber! Hip2Save is my favorite. : ) I love rading your blog, it always puts a Kimber smile on my face. : )