Tuesday, September 14, 2010

from drab to fab

this last weekend, we also took our first leap into re-doing something!

from this (yucky old pink)

to this (yes we do love BYU)

the lamps were a hand-me down from casey's parents.
we found new lamp shades for $1 each at D.I.
and deep blue pray paint at RE.STORE in Orem for $2

it was a really fun, relatively small project we got to do together
we both organized pieces of it, casey did the spray painting, i re-did the lamp shades bc they didn't really match (but we made it work) and we both were so happy with the finished product!

yay for us!

we feel like we have new lamps now!

side note: casey and i shopped at Ridley's today for double coupon Tuesday.
should've spent $52.
only spent $7.71

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