Friday, September 10, 2010

pepper spray round dos

my oh my!
i'm realizing there's quite a bit i'm needing/wanting to catch up on! goodness!

so...pepper spray training...

here's the low down:
casey was my moral support and "partner" in this (thankfully).
my heart was pounding leading up to it the closer it got!
i knew it was going to hurt but i knew i was going to do it bc everyone always does it!
i closed my eyes, covered 1 eye, and then they sprayed!
btw i wore that awesome turban/scarf on my head so it didn't get in my hair and make my eye/face hurt again in the shower
like casey did, immediately after it happened i hosed my face down with cold water to get as much of it off my face as possible but sadly enough it had already gotten in my eye and started burning! after the water, the best thing you can do is air out your eye til it feels better. although my eye felt back to normal after 15 min or so, my face did not! imagine thee worst sunburn in your life on half of your face...that's about what it felt like, burn baby burn! i looked like two face pretty much: half of my face pretty darn white and the other fire engine red! ha! but at least now casey and i can say we have been sprayed by pepper spray! why would you ever need/want to be able to say that...i'm clueless...but we can :)
the last pic is of all the new library security people who were recently hired and got sprayed.
why we made a pyramid...i don't know...a team united and bonded by mutual pain?

ps- this all took place in provo at the lds motion picture studio...who knew they had that in provo!? i didn't! it was way cool to see the place!

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Nicole said...

ouch! Sounds painful! That's some very intense training!