Sunday, September 26, 2010

weekend did's

what a busy friday and saturday we had!
here's is the low down:

7:30-1:30 pm- went to a golfing tournament thing for my major to meet/golf with a bunch of employers!
fun indeed and i improved my game of golf indeed. poor casey had class and research during that time
2 pm- dance class
3 pm- go home, meet up with casey, take a short nap
4 pm- dance class
5 pm- drive back to the golf resort and go to an opening social for my major with casey, twas fun :)
7 pm- race around getting ready to drive up to Bountiful to go to my cousin's reception (Steven Beckstrand)
i know, horrible blurry picture that i didn't realize was so horrible but i still want it documented.
so excited for these 2!
9 pm- on our way driving home- we realized we didn't really have any other plans for the night so we stopped at the Bountiful temple bc it was just beautiful there on the hill in all its whiteness. i love how vibrantly white the temples are in the night. we walked around and just talked and laughed like we were dating. good little memories we made :)
on our drive home i fell asleep pretty quickly and casey was the good husband a drove.
he always drives and i always get to sleep! sorry love, but thanks for driving
once we got to orem he decided it necessary to stop at the new winco in town!
we have testimonies of winco from CA.
he picked up lots of cheap granola and of course his chocolate covered gummy bears.
i stayed sleeping in the car while he went in :)
i was pretty much a walking zombie after the car ride home and fell immediately to sleep again.

i was able to go to a fun baby shower in the ward in the morning and take a fun saturday test at the testing center.
during that time casey took his 1st practice DAT test! crazy days coming ahead of us!
casey's dad arrived soon after all that was done and we went to yummy costa vida for lunch.
i then drove them to the byu football game so they could get there sooner, 
came back home to drop the car off and walked to the game to meet them!
dumb game. they lost.
going to the rs broadcast would probably have been a better use of my time...lightning will soon strike me 
immediately following the game though we had stadium clean-up.
yes, that means we cleaned up the trash in the stadium (east bleachers). yuck.
again, for my major. 
casey was a good husband and stayed to help me. it was more fun with him there :)
we were exhausted and starving by the time it was done but we still had to walk 20 minutes home!
the walk home was pretty funny though, i can't even recall what we were laughing so hard about except for the fact that we were! i love those times.
we got home put our stuff down and raced out the door to the car to realize we locked ourselves out of our apt and the car keys still in the apt, haha, luckily we could still laugh at this point and weren't mad :)
coincidentally our landlord was outside at the time randomly and let us back in.
we then were able to get keys to our car, race to little caesar's and get pizza and crazy bread. so worth all $5.
after scarfing down all food imaginable, we played just dance, watched a movie, and stayed up way too late.

all in all, i think we can say that we enjoyed our friday and saturday.

ps- i'm very grateful that i you can have the capability to create a mormon tabernacle choir playlist on pandora :)

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Cherri said...

Memories to last a life time of eternity!