Monday, August 2, 2010

so worth the pain

i absolutely love boating and any lake acitivity SOOO much!
on saturday we took the day off and went with our summer cali-family to the lake and it was a BLAST!
casey wakeboarded for the first time and did superb!
he practically got up all the way, but he had the wrong board on so it was super hard, next time he'll be a pro.
as for me, it'd been almost 2 years but remembered semi-quickly and had a blast!
along with wakeboarding we had to do some awesome tubing!
and awesome it was! this is where our main thrashing came from but we loved it!
2 tubes=so much fun for ages 2-parent :)
tubing also means tears at times but we all have to learn at some point!
the hunt's are such a fun family! we have been so blessed to become their friends this summer! their kids are adorable! and the parents are exactly how casey and i want to be when we're parents! we just love them all to death!! they've truly become our family away from home!
but we sadly enough didn't bring our camera! and neither did they! how dumb are we!?!? all day long i was like "that'd be such a great picture!" but there were some phone pictures taken so once i get ahold of those i will share :)

but of course since we were in the sun (having fun) for hours on end we made a new best friend that night and for all the following days:
yes, we got burnt not as horrible as it could be but still a burn.
even worse than being burnt:
our bodies are thrashed!
when i touch a part of my body i can't tell if it hurts bc it's sunburnt or the muscles are just so sore!
by far, our funnest saturday of the summer. we would take a beating on our body any day to have that much fun again with them! ha, so worth it!!!

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