Saturday, July 31, 2010

dear this and that

dear hair,
thank you for being beautifully kind to me as of lately, i know it seems like i pay no attention to you during the summer, but let's be honest, i don't get out much so there's no reason for me to give you some t.l.c. yet you treat me well. these are the best natural curls/waves you've given me since i was 5 so thanks for throwing me a bone hair

dear hot pasta,
ya know, i just wanted to see if you were al dente or not, but you go and burn my tongue to the core so i can't even enjoy my meal that i made of you. grr.

dear hot glue gun,
you're a pretty good/handy friend, thanks for kicking it with me this summer

dear hulu/pandora,
thanks for having so you think you can dance/great music for me to watch/listen to. no thank you for your annoying commercials. please make them go away

dear casey's alarm clock,
you go off way to early i do not like it

dear california,
you put up a pretty good fight i'd have to admit. your summers are way better than AZ's. i don't think i would mind living it up with you for the rest of my life except for the fact that there's about a million reasons (most those reasons have fingers and toes) that i will always and forever love AZ more

dear friends who are getting married SOON,
i heart you wedding invites! i'm so excited for you!!!

dear gmail video chat,
i love you. and that means i love you too my many friends/family who take the time to talk to me on there, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

dear christmas songs,
i love when you make special musical appearances on shuffle, it makes me very happy to think about seeing you in 6 months with snow everywhere in PROVO

dear new spice- study like a scholar,
i heart you beyond words. beyond words i heart you
and your behind the scenes part? hilarious.

dear family reunion,
please come faster. we're kinda like way excited for you!!!!!!

dear sister in laws,
please send me more pictures of your kids through out the day i loooooove it, we can count your cats and dogs in that category too if you so choose!!!!! it puts the biggest smiles on my face

dear 2 kitties by the tennis court,
thanks for being so cute and nice to me when i see you after i run, you make me want to have a kitty soooooooo bad!

dear casey,
thanks for doing the dishes when i don't. or taking out the trash when i don't. or making the bed when i don't, oh wait, that's always. thanks for making funny faces all the time and pouting really cutely all the time, it makes me laugh and i need that. thanks for taking interest in our camera so much, that makes me happy. thanks for working so hard for us! i know it's hard but you're amazing at it and it'll be over soon! thanks baby! ps- please put on sunscreen more often!

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Melissa said...

Hello my dearest.

Just wanted to inform you of my blog changes. I noticed your blog list isn't updated with my new address