Saturday, August 28, 2010

i missed you provo

it's nice to be home.

we had yet another uncomfortable card ride, ha
this only rates 3rd worst overall though.
we had 3 boxes of reeses puff cereal that kept hitting our heads,
it was annoying,
and casey's church clothes kept falling on us,
my feet were still on the dashboard the whole time, but for some reason it was just better.
it was pretty rainy so we kept seeing different pretty landscapes,
the sun was not in my face for 3 hours straight bc the rain clouds covered him.
the ride wasn't bad just LOONNNGGGGGGG,
the last 4 hours took forever, we just wanted to be home!!!
side note: i have way too many shoes, and i took way too many shoes with us to california too! for both drives to california and back from provo, the only way we could fit all my shoes in is if at the last minute we fit them into all the crevices! haha, so that's how my shoes worked, therefor all the shoes pressed against the window! i was so afraid we were going to accidentally roll down the window and i'd have to pick up a bunch of my shoes along the highway!!!
today we're moving the apartment all back into our glorified attic!
we missed it :)
we were fortunate enough to have casey's family members help us (grandparents and cousins, and my bro stepped in for a bit too), it was a HUGE help!
we took the kitchen pic after almost everything was done in the kitchen but casey insisted we still document it :)
at this point i don't think we had started on our bedroom!

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Rob and Kam said...

YAY You're Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!