Sunday, August 15, 2010

she went to the temple and then she got married

this last weekend was our last in Roseville, CA!
it's a bittersweet time :)

ha, but for our last weekend of funnes in CA we were able to go to a close friend of mines wedding reception!
dearest andy seibert balsteadt!
she was andy the lifeguard at AG last summer
and now she's mrs. andy the wife!
we figured out her reception was only like a 2 hour drive so we decided to boogie on up!
so glad we got the chance!
it was fun to experience that part of cali,
a rural-country-hick-town part of cali :)
talk about the country!
ha! but it was a beautiful drive, a cute town (sonora), and a beautiful wedding day for her!
i'm so incredibly excited for her and glad to have another one of my friends joining the married club!

they're off to kuai! lucky gooses! i know they'll love all aspects of this weeks ;)

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