Tuesday, August 31, 2010

oh what's in a name


a lot is in a little name!- even if it's only 3 letters (i.e. Bob:)
you know that book "how to win friends and influence people" by Carnegie?
he says that's a big step: knowing people's name!
everyone loves their name
everyone wants to hear their name
and it feels good when someone unexpected remembers your name (i.e.- our bishop from last semester?! amazing!)

i try.
but so many times i fail miserably.
but casey is good. i seriosuly don't know how he does it!

with our job we see a lot of people all the time,
let's be honest, pretty much everyone goes into the library at some point, and casey and i sit there and watch them (btw- please do not bring jamba juices or pizza etc- you cannot eat it. AND you can only eat in the snack zone, por favor y gracias :)

there's people i see and kinda know, sometimes i know their name, sometimes not.
there's even people i see and LOVE, most the time i know their name, but sometimes i don't!
i hate it!
why can't you remember their darn name kimber?

on another note, it's the 2nd day of school!
i am so glad i've reached the point where i literally am excited for my classes.
i love my major and want to learn more, the stuff is seriously so amazing!
casey on the other hand...organic chemistry and other mean/boring classes,
you can do it babe!
but we did get lucky enough to have our religion class together!
church history 1800-1830 from the infamous susan e black herself.
legend has it she wanted to retire a few years ago, an apostle called her up and said "the lord wants you to keep teaching" talk about pressure on not getting to retire, ha
but she's incredible
we are so fortunate to have LDS religion classes required in our education and have such amazing professors!
they are undoubtedly some of my most life changing classes

on 1 more note, casey and i did our first legit coupon shopping experience yesterday! so fun!
i'm so glad he does it with me b/c it's so much more fun together! it's like a treasure hunt!
should've spent $60, only spent $23 :)
got a few freebies, a few cheapies, and few just good prices on things we needed.
we were happy and pleased with ourselves!


Jacie Bowen said...

haha i cant remember my own sisters name. im terrible. and ur so lucky that casey wants to do couponing with you! ive been wanting to start so long, but just havent made myself do it yet. having ur hubbs do it too im sure helps a ton!

Nicole said...

I will never stop eating food in the library. COME AND GET ME.

Cherri said...

LOL for Nicole.....really WAY out loud!