Friday, August 13, 2010

Sacajawea Jump!

well they did it! 
they did the sacajawea jump for an incentive this summer and it was a hoot!
for those not accustomed to summer sales programs- the management does "incentives" all summer long (daily, weekly, monthly etc) to get the guys excited and motivated to sell. we had a bunch during the month of July, one of which was if the office services their best month they got to do Sacajawea Jump! the Sacajawea Jump is where they put a whole lot of quarters and Sacajawea coins in a pool and then, in utter chaos, everyone jumps in to get as much money as they can! pretty savage and funny :) in total this year the pool held $500 in quarters and $200 in Sacajawea coins! cerrrazy!
I was casey's number 1 fan on the edge of the pool (of course!:) and it was fun to watch him and be there, I had heard about it before but never gotten to see it!
  look really close! you can start to see the plethora of coins in the pool!
you would not believe how many coins it really is! the search went on forever! it did not help that it was a night time and there was like a 7 feet deep end! the deep end was where all the Sacajawea coins were so that's where casey went the whole time- that savage! ha!
 some of the savages
casey was like a little kid on christmas day getting to finally get home and count it all!!
good news! work is ending a week earlier than we planned! YESSSSS!!!! (imagine that being said with the most enthusiasm ever, raising your arms in the air, head tilted back and screaming for joy!) can you tell we're excited?

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Rob and Kam said...

Then you'll Come back!!! YAY!!!!!!! I'm excited to have you guys back...I miss our dinner and game nights