Monday, August 9, 2010

worst drive EVER

reasons why this was the worst drive ever:

1. remember when i talked about how horrible the sun is on road trips? this time we were driving into the sunset (west) so instead of the horribleness lasting 2-3 hours it lasted like 5 hours! death!
2. we lost a hubcap on one of the wheels :(
3. a car with red and blue flashing lights decided we were driving too fast and gave us a pretty little ticket :( mmeh. cruise control was totally set at 84!
4. my tummy started hurting after about 4-5 hours and lasted the whole rest of the 6 hours even between all of our "stop the car casey!", open the door, yada yada yada, you know what happens next moments. life stunk beyond stinkiness. then i just tried to sleep through the pain which meant casey had to drive the rest of the time with no naps! i felt so bad!
5. the drive should'e only taken us about 10 hours and turned into like 12 with all of our stops. mmeh :(

even though the car ride home was horrible the reunion was so fun and worth it!
i will be updating about a million awesome pictures as soon as i feel up to it!

ps- only 3 more weeks of summer/this job and then back to BYU/provo!
we are so excited :)


Anonymous said...


i drove 900 miles yesterday...mmeh. I thought I was going to die. all alone on the open road. no fun.

you should practice your cry on command to help with the po po. and have a good story to tell...funerals do the trick.

Nicole said...

poor Kimber! That sounds like no fun at all! Feel better!