Wednesday, August 25, 2010

just sayin

when i go anywhere, I order what they make.
i.e.: when i go to a burger place i get a burger, not their tacos
when i go to a breakfast place i get breakfast, not a dinner
when i go to a snow cone place, i get a snow cone, not a smoothie
when i go to a cupcake place, i get a cupcake, not hot chocolate
you feeling my drift?
that's just what i do, thought i'd share.
i was just wondering what people do that!?!?!?!?!
many of you probably do and i'm just the weirdo, and you know what, that's ok :)

i love, love, love the new dark kiss flavor from bath and body works,
love it
go get some now!!!

arizona has way so many political commercials on right now!
i could give a few opinions on the election right now but won't :)

got my first class email today!
for stats :(
i was excited and mortified at the same time, ha

casey and i have gone to bahama bucks 3 times already,
he's obsessed.
it's funny

enough said

although a little monsoon here and there is making it way better!
i love hot rain.
i love a hot breeze.
i love the smell of the wet arizona desert.

and thanks mom for fixing my clothes, you're great

1 comment:

Cody and Camille said...

I'm with you! If you want a taco, then go to a taco place! (I'm sure I'm not completely consistent with this, but seriously!)

Oh, and we're totally in love with dark kiss!:) Thanks for the coupon!