Tuesday, August 10, 2010

the woodruff key

****warning picture overload****
what a family reunion!
the serge woodruff family minus a few
my dad's side (his brothers and sisters and 2 cousins) get together every 2 yearsish for a family reunion and it's just the best!
this year a large cabin was found at Bear Lake (northern utah/south idaho=beautiful!)
it had 14 bedrooms with multiple beds in each room!
 so much fun!
lots of great activities were planned,
most were able to attend (we missed those who couldn't come!!!),
lots of yummy food was prepared and eaten (thanks to Amanda!),
lots of babies to play with,
lots of pictures,
just lots of pure fun!

we got up to utah a day early to play with cute little abby(7 1/2 months)!!!
she's crawling and oobber cute!
we then met up with logan and blair for a sec at the logan temple on our way up!
we were so excited to play with annalee (2 years) and phoebe (3ish months)!!
once we all finally arrived at the reunion and got everything set up we hung out, caught up on each other, ate, played the game "do you love your neighbor" and just had fun together!
the next day we played even harder!
the fun included steal the bacon, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and other fun games!
and we had a fun water balloon toss in the field
and of course an awesome slip-n-slide!
we had tricks and trains
big and small kiddos too!
and more games!
we played the newlywed game thanks to aunt sue (casey and i may have won by chance)
and casey and i brought up the wii game just dance which was epic!
my cousin suzie taught us how to make these super cute headbands!
and played with all these cute girls!
casey and i did a bunch of the little kid games!
duck duck goose, red light green light, what time is it mr fox,
and at the end was a super duper totally awesome treasure hunt!
bear lake is also very well known for their raspberry shakes and we were lucky enough to be there on the weekend of their "raspberry days!" (it's like the town festival) such fun to all be together!
my immediate little family decided to take a little rendezvous to bear lake and try out the water-
fyi- if you ever try to go the beach at bear lake good luck! the whole beach is all private access or it's $5 per car load in a few areas!
we were lucky enough to find a private access where the owners let us walk through the marshy land to get to the beach! and what a walk it was! ha it was fun though and beautiful!:)
also we celebrated 2 birthdays!!!!!! amanda and brooklyn!
also had a camp fire and yummy s'mores!
and family pictures!
i was lucky enough to have all my siblings attend!!!
slowly but surely we are getting bigger!

other activities of the family reunion included:
women's circle
men's round table
children's craft
muddy buddy demo
eating lots of apricots
a game room which had ping pong, pool, foosball, dart board, basketball game thing and other games!
early morning brisk walks and kimberobics
listening to grandpa talk about granny woodruff and wilford woodruff
a wonderful testimony meeting
blanket stitching demo
morning and evening devotionals
looking through everyone's wedding albums
the missionary map
the family tree map
homemade kellogg ice cream
our awesome family reunion shirts
LOTS of cute little kids to play with- casey and i loved this part!

i wish so bad everyone was able to be there!
i wish so bad we could do this every summer!
i wish so bad it could've been longer!

it was really nice to have little to no cell service or internet access- really nice surprisingly for all!

i love my family,
i love my heritage,
i love the memories we made
and i love you all!

**family member wanting any pictures- you can download all of these pictures full sizes from the website i emailed to you all**


Chris, Kerri, & The Boys said...

oh how fun!!
How did you make your pics so big? I want to do that?
Miss you guys!

Lauren said...

I love this! I am so sad I could not be there! I love reading about it though so thanks for posting it. Come visit me! I miss you!

Love you

Nicole said...

ditto! Loved it!

Shane and Clara said...

Thanks for sharing all the fun and memories....we totally missed out! HOPEFULLY next time we can make it. and I'm sure the food was amazing....with amanda's planning.

Shane and Clara said...

oH, I too want to know how you got your pictures so big and how did you put them into boxes of mulitple pictures????

Cody and Camille said...

Oh my awesome! Sounds so, so, so FUN! The pictures look amazing! Way to work that camera!

Cherri said...

great job on posting....now get to work on the survey... :)