Saturday, July 3, 2010

did i tell you?

we saw it
and just as said so many months ago, we went to the midnight opening!
in fact we went to the 1 o'clock am opening slightly against our will
even though i really didn't want to go to midnight opening,
we really liked it and we had lots of fun together!!!!
casey reminded me that when we were dating we wouldn't have second guessed going to any midnight opening so we should try to stay as fun and wild and "young" as long as possible :)
haha i love him.
of course books are always better than movies, and you must expect not so good acting for that movie but casey really liked the fight scene and i liked all the cheesy lines i remember from the books
oh goodness...twilight saga!

but we didn't get the HP preveiw in ours!!!!
whhhhhaaaaa!?!?!?!?! HOLD THE PHONE!
yeah i know!
but we watched it the following day online.
doesn't it look epic!
we will stay "young" and go to those 2 midnight openings as well!!!!
SO EXCITED for it!

as another friend of mine mentioned, i am so proud to be apart of the HP generation!
i remember waiting what seemed like forever to have the 4th and 7th books come out!
those midnight openeings were so fun!
not knowing what was going to happen to harry,
like so many others, those books inspired me to love to read
plus i was pretty much the same age as harry when i read each book,
i thought that was soo kewwwl :)

and with twilight too,
i remember being so excited for that 4th book to come out,
not knowing what was going to happen,
sigh, i hope there are some more amazing series that will come out that'll be epic too

well that's that here folks!
we're going to a rodeo saturady night to colebrate the 4th!
i absolutely love the 4th of july :)
a summer holiday

i just love it

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