Wednesday, June 30, 2010


can i just say, i love costco.
yes i do.
i love nearly everything about it.
most of all when i shop there i look at all the possibilites i could buy of things and get so happy! but then i realize either my tiny family of 2 will get sick of all 100 lbs of it before it is gone or it will go bad before our tiny family of 2 can eat it all up.

also, i see everyone's carts around me OVERFLOWING with food and things and all i buy is 1 cantaloupe (which 1 package is three cantaloupes). i kinda feel like a poser in costco if you know what i mean :)

is anyone else noticing costco is really into organic things lately? i guess that's good right?

costco gets me excited for when there's a big family around and lots of eating going on and i can buy huge and large quantities of yumminess.

yay :)

costco was one of the best wedding gifts we got,
thanks B. and J. P. :)

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