Saturday, July 3, 2010

do not walk, RUN!

did you know i love love love old navy!?!?!
yes i do.
because i really think it has the best sales ever!!!
like today!
$1 flip flops!
they had this last month but this month you have to have the facebook coupon
which means there's going to be a lot less of a crowd there bc people are lazy and don't print them out :)
so go! hurry! sat july 3 only! wow do i sound like a chessy advertisement or what?
i'm going to go right NOW!
i was finally able to pring mine off, just print the whole page
i just love old navy flip flops
i liked last years style A LOT, i'll have to see about this year's style
casey's feet doesn't like flip flops but i'm going to get him some anyways :)
and then he'll probably return them bc he doens't like plastic flip flops

thanks nicole for seeing it!

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