Tuesday, July 27, 2010

to atascadero we go!

for this last weekend we went and visited my aunt and uncle in atascadero!
it's a beautiful town 20 min away from the bay/beach by a town called san luis obispo!
along with being beautiful the weather is near perfect!
we had a great time visiting them, playing with their cute dog, visiting morro bay, eating the yummiest clam chowder ever and just having fun!
we don't get to see them often so we were very happy for the chance!
 the 4 of us with their famous morro bay rock!!
don't you just LOVE uncle john's face!!!! that's his smiling/squinting face :)
 a free willy reenactment for ya

 yummiest clam chowder EVER
then the long, dreaded car ride with the sun in my eyes the WHOLE time, yuck

other than the sun we loved our whole little excursion!
thanks for having us uncle john and aunt ann! hope to see you soon!!!