Monday, July 5, 2010

the most important things at the grocery store

late saturday night on the way home from the rodeo the following converstation was held at about 11:00 pm in the car:

casey: we need to go grocery shopping
kimber: tonight? i'll just go monday when i have a grocery list
casey: but we don't have any food
kimber: what don't we have?
casey: cereal, ice cream, chocolate covered gummy bears, food
in that order

on another note, i don't know what we'd do without our gps
it saves our lives.
especially here in roseville, ca where the roads are wacko.
most the times we like it (her).
many times we passionately dislike it (her).
it's a her because that's the voice, either an annoying american voice of british :)
currently it's british.
sometimes we call her the gps wench .
mainly when it leads us some dumb way and we follow its directions instead of going where we know is better is when we passionately dislike her
the following conversation was held in the car one day:

kimber: why are we going this way?
casey: i don't know, the gps is dumb
kimber: i wish our gps took us the most direct route
casey: i wish our gps took us the practical  route

i thought it was funny

note the only options the gps has "fastest time", "least distance", "surface roads only" and other silly ones that i swear no one would ever use.


Brooke said...

haha that shopping list made me laugh really hard. i am glad you guys had a good weekend... we were in cali too, i wish we could have met up! love you my darling kimber!

Cherri said...

Yep, I laughed out loud so hard Kirk came in from the other room to see what I was laughing at..... the grocery list... oh my that was too funny.

Allie said...

Kimber! You're in Roseville, CA? I'm from Granite Bay!! If you don't know, it's a town right next to Roseville. Anyway, I'll have to keep blogstalking to figure out what you're doing there. I love northern Cali! I hope you're liking it too!