Sunday, July 4, 2010

to the rodeo we go!

we went.
and we conquered.

oh the rodeooww
(draw out the o and add a w like a real cowboy:)
it was another something fun that we wanted to do this summer here in cali!
like all other rodeos, we stared into the sun for what seemed like forever
sunglasses were utterly necessary,
casey's hat was used to no end
and our tickets were used as my hat :)
our bums kinda hurt from the cement "chairs" we paid oodles of money for :)
more like cement bleachers ha- our backs kinda hurt too by the end but it's ok
also, this awesome sky diver came in with the flag
it was so cool! the place flew right over the rodeo grounds and we saw him jump out of the plane!
the whole time i was like "casey! we gotta do that this year!!"
 some funny parts of the rodeo included
-the rodeo clown of course
-a cute little dog who chased the bulls into the gate they were supposed to go through- that dog was fearless! running around all those huge horses and bulls! goodness!
-one incredibly stubborn horse! funniest thing ever would not go in that gate! ha! 2 other men with horses and the dog could not coax that horse to move- pushing, shoving, pulling, nothing! that horse started sitting down practically! the whole audience was laughing
-one poor rider was doing the bronco riding and for some reason the horse tripped or something and fell then rolled over the rider and would not get off him for a few seconds!!! i imagine that heavy horse did not feel so good
-the muttin' bustin' is always a hoot (the little kids holding onto sheeps)
-also the steer wrestling (you know where the small bull and cowboy run out of the gates at the same time and the cowboy jumps of the horse onto the bull {that part is CRAZY!} and wrestles the bull to the ground by his horns, yeah, you know?) well this one bull would not go down! instead he stood over the cowboy- completely stood over him and would not budge! again so funny!
-they had a reenactment of stage coach riding and had a race between 2 of the arena, let me tell you it was epic! but half way through the race one of the back axles fell off the stage coach! but he kept going! incredible! 

the bad parts of the rodoe included
-our concrete chairs
-unlike a utah rodeo- much alcohol was consumed around us
-the rodeo made a rule of "no pictures" (so dumb!) so we had to sneak the ones we did get and feel like criminals at a stinkin rodeo for crying out loud
-the cowboys were babies and fell off the bulls and horses fast- again utah rodeos = better and tougher

but in the end, we still had a blast
rodeo riders and fun events
and there were fireworks at the end! 

it was a grand way to celebrate america and our independence a good ol' american way
crazy yankees doing crazy american things
you'll never find crazy rodeos like this anywhere else but in america- it's so fun!
wealso loved hearing a live, beautiful version of the star spangled banner
so perfect to hear that the day before our independence day, july 4th!

happy independence day!
hopefully we'll get to catch some fireworks tonight just standing around!

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Scottie and Megany said...

that looked like lots of fun!! its too bad you couldn't take too many pictures. your mom told me they wouldn't allow it.. stupid!