Tuesday, July 20, 2010

fruit loops for dinner

it's one of those weeks
you know, 
those weeks where you wash the laundry but don't fold it until another week.
those weeks where the bed never gets made.
those weeks where you do some of the dishes but no all of them so it seems like the dishes never got done
those weeks when you're disagreeable for no reason
those weeks where you have cereal for dinner a few too many times

but it's weeks like those where you laugh at how pathetic you are

casey and i are going out to the car
and like mentioned before i was being disagreeable for  no reason
and when momma aint happy, aint nobody happy.
jk :)
no but really.
so as were going out to the car casey stopped and said 
"ok, let's start over,
blah blah blah, 
let's dance,
oh you're a freshman? marry me (kneeling down on on knee).
blah blah blah summer is so long, 
kirk, hurry get home from your mission, 
oh cancun yay, 
ooooh look at our small cute apartment,
too much snow go away,
yay no more school, now we get to work, 
boo we hate work, 
yay wyoming, 
boo we hate work.
ok let's go"
and then in the car we sang "hot 'n cold", "party in the usa", "my life would suck without you", and "tik tok" much too loud in the car together, it was fun

so i'm writing this to remind myself and casey that, no, life isn't going to be all sweets and sugar like when we were dating/engaged but that's ok, but we can still laugh at how dumb we are and how not perfect is


Mckenzi and Matthew said...

Kimber! Hey I was just thinking about you as I stood out in the yucky heat today, wishing we were with you guys in California:) Hope you are doing good and loving it!

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

OH my goodness, I don't usually find someone's blog to respond to their comment, but your's made me laugh out loud SO HARD -- like, deep, belly laugh -- HARD. Thanks for that!! :)
I want to be a gansta on a round bed!!

Chris, Kerri, & The Boys said...

We have many weeks like what you are talking about....is never perfect but you always perfect when you are together..that what we always say. Love you guys...lets get the gmail live chat thing working better so we can visit better...toodles!