Tuesday, February 2, 2010

mini cousin sleepover!

some of our cousins in the utah area got together this last weekend for a cousin dinner on steroids!
it was a cousin sleepover in Midway at the Fisher cabin!!!!
the cousins who could make it did, and we had a blast with all the little kids!
and sledding, playing games, eating, going down the slide
(fyi family- this is the cabin that has the slide connected to/in/through the house from the 3rd floor to the 1st floor, it's soooooooo coool. and the cabin is huge and amazing-specifically built for family fun!)

some of the utah cousins were missing but those who made it had a blast!
we can't wait for another get together
thanks so so much lorin and debbie for setting it up!
there's a lot of pictures again! sorry!
the journey begins!
wer ealized we haven't taken a car picture like this in forever so we needed one for this trip :)
Games for HOURS! and it was hilarious!
others played too this was just the only picture we got (at like midnight too haha)
let's just say Suzie and Ryan are crack ups!
the view in the morning!
this picture doesn't begin to show how pretty it was!
sledding time!!!! Bailey was hilarioius on this tube!
Lorin and Lincoln!

Lorin and Kammy with the twins! soo funny to hear them going down

Tate and Kaitlyn, they were fearless!!! I was amazed!
Me and Casey and Sam on the right! (isn't sam's face so funny!)

the gang watching from above
this was the perfect hill too!
RIGHT next to the house, super long, fast, bumpy, just a BLAST!
isn't this a great pic of the excitement!? i love this girl

Casey after his wipeout and Brooklyn and her snow angel after her wipeout :)

these little girls were so cute and loved  going down with lorin!
although the tube was by far the most fun, casey didn't quite fit :( haha
but i did!!!! and it was a fun ride :)

so glad we got to spend the weekend with the cousins! it was great because it wasn't just dinner, chat, and leave like we usually do. It was dinner, chat, games, chat, lounge, sleep, chat, eat, sled, laguh, it was just so much more fun! after dinner on friday night we actually just sat around the table catching up on all the families and getting reports on what was going on! it was great to hear!

loved the time we had together!
loved the company!
missed those who couldn't come!
but this made us that much more excited for the reunion in JULY!


Cherri said...

I know having AUNT Cherri there would be too much.... but wished I could have been there!

Mrs. Darling said...

LOL at your mom's comment! Seriously, no grown ups allowed!!!! :) I still don't count as a grown up, right?