Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kimber oh Kimber Where for art thou Kimber...

There She IS!

This was something I did for her  for Valentine's Day!

So we have had another busy week due to work and crazy school schedule, but it is always nice to leave a  post all about her because she is a very special Gal!! I love her so Much!! We have a great Valentine's Day with each other and Iwas able to surprise her with some flowers and candy and Coldstone Cupcakes!!! They were so Yummy! Megan and Scott helped with hiding the flowers at their house until Valentine's day so they helped keep the secret alive and then on Sunday I woke her up early after I had made my little surprise thingy and it was so Funny! Oh I love Kimber and am glad we never have to part unlike Romeo and Juliet.

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