Sunday, February 14, 2010

a happy late birthday to my honey!

Birthday week was so much fun!
i wish every week were birthday week because we got to do so many activities!
basketball games
the temple
muddy buddies
lots of rockband
food sampling at costco
eclair cake
dollar theater (new moon hehe)

so many fun things!
and it was so  much fun celebrating it as a full week in celebration of casey!
this boy is amazing, he's always make me laugh, being silly, having fun, being oh so sweet, working hard, fulfilling his duties, helping me out out in every aspect of life and making be me a better person.
so this is to you my husband. 
i love you so much!!!!!!!!
happy 23 years!
 can't wait to be apart of the next 23 with you!
like i said we went tubing, 
but we did it in midway at soldier hollow where it's like a lift back to the top!
so much fun!
6 huge lanes
fast speeds
and all smiles with my casey love!
there is a 23 in there, can you see it!?
and our always and dependable band members who we came to celebrate with us!


Scottie and Megany said...

tubing looked like a ton of fun! im glad you guys had such a fun eventful week!! good for you!

Blair said...

I love that last picture! you all are so goofy.