Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow on east coast= sad kimber in west mountains

Hey! Snow storm in the east! What are you doing over there!? Come to me in Utah! I will love you more! I will snowboard on you! I will sled lots on you and make snow angels and have snowball fights (but mostly i want to snowboard)! I will appreciate you! The east doesn't know what to do with you so come over and play with me! please!!!!!!!

love, kimber

 these are pictures of some of our activities last year on casey's birthday :)
there was so much snow!
so much powder!
so much in fact that if/when we fell it was hilarious bc we could not get out!!
but it was heavenly

i hope it snows before friday :(....
it was heavenly


Mckenzi and Matthew said...

I agree! If it is going to be FREEZING cold here, at least make it worth it right?:)

Shane and Clara said...

thats what I think too...the snow belongs in Utah. My sweet tooth is begging for some of you guys' homemade eclairs! Would you mind sharing your recipe???? Please.