Sunday, February 21, 2010


fact: i love costco
i love it.

fact: costco is super busy on saturdays
fact: they have way more samples out on saturdays than any other day
solution: go on saturday without a cart, just pick up like 2 things and taste all the samples

haha this was part of our grocery shopping errands on saturday and we loved it
we wanted to buy about 60% of the things we tried!
so thank you costco for letting me taste what i should have
and thank you for letting me buy in bulk
i love you


Cherri said...

Love the little old people serving all the taste testing too. !

Mrs. Darling said...

mmmm...costco samples! its like a buffet, but not as creepy and scary. unfortunately, sometimes ya gotta throw some elbows to get to the good food!