Thursday, February 4, 2010

as of lately

so i know i have a problem.
sometimes i think i might update too much/too frequently
but this is my conclusion.
1) no one is forced to read my blog
2) this blog is like my journal and scrapbook at the same time so "i do what i want" 
(that last phrase was intended to be said like a gangster ya know [and kindly, not rudely]? but it's impossible to do phonetically:)
3) this blog is just a little silly thing that i like to do sometimes
4) if you are one of my single friends reading my blog, you should get a blog, because you probably have things to say! funny things! seriously girls! do it :) a blog is for your benefit, it doesn't really matter how many people read it

but still, sorry for so many updates ;)

here's a bunch of  things as of lately! :)

We've been making way too much puppy chow lately (the yummy chocolate, human stuff)
seriously, way to much.
and when we don't have it, casey asks is we can make it again...haha
but mmm is it good and super fattening :(
these 2 lovelies came to visit and i loved it
i acted all wifey/homeakerish and made them a yummy breakfast
we missed our 4th amigo though, amy :(
i love these girls.
when the 4 of us are together i always say "i love us"
and thinking about it, i say that all the time with me and casey now :)
and here's a tribute to no amy
so like i mentioned before,
sell old video games,
get wii,
i tried making him actually wait til his birthday to open it like my mom always made us do and he wouldn't allow it,
that bum,
but he was happy :) really happy
and then that day his rockband came in,
spoiled :)
let's just say it's played everyday:)
scott and megan came and played with us and that was hilarious
scott is super good at yelling singing fast, gangster, beastie boys songs :)
if you're in provo you can always come play with us! 
casey would love it, seriously, call :)

and we got our first Ensign! yay! is that something to blog about?
haha, it is in my mind!
i do have a picture of that too, but...yeah, you get the point :)

ps- i'm not usually one to do this but watch this video on youtube (thanks annalise)
if you love the song party in the USA you'll  love this video.
seriously, so funny!!!!
it makes me want to go to the beach with a play pool and make my own music video to this song!


Katie Nelson said...

Ahh! I'm so glad you found me! Gorgeous wedding pics, by the way. Love the colors. love the scenery. Love it all.

You're beautiful.

Cody and Camille said...

So.... everyone always tells us that Cody and Casey look a lot a like. Maybe, but I couldn't really see it. Then I look at the lovely picture you posted (the top one with Casey on the drums, and you and your brother in the background).... and I think that totally looks like Cody! Maybe it's just the angle or something but wo! Total brothers.

Chris, Kerri, & The Boys said...

I like your updates! I love blogging too because after I get done with a blog spot I copy and paste it to a word document and then add it to my 3 ring binder journal...I add more personal stuff if I need to, then I just do digital scrap booking. Anyways glad you guys are doing well. We miss you. Ker

Scottie and Megany said...

ooooh kimber! we love your blog, or at least i do! i always am looking at it daily! we tease you about it cuz i suck at updating my blog lol :D but rock band is soo much fun! we need to do that this weekend and we love you guys! and by the way I LOVE ALL YOUR WEDDING PICS! im so envious of red mountain in your pics. why didn't i think of that?!

curtis and jacque dana said...

Mmmm...we LOVE puppy chow! Maybe I should make some this weekend! You're so right though, it's loaded with fat. And I was just thinking that I need to blog more, definitely don't think you do it too much. And about Angie's we have yet to clean the sink, but we sure will before we graduate! How long ago did your husbands sibling graduate USU, I wonder if we knew them?

Mckenzi and Matthew said...

I love your cute blog/journal:) And im so sad we won't be doing anything with Incite this summer, sad you will be living the life in sacramento without me! BUT can we please do something soon??

Rob and Kam said...

I'm So Jealous you guys have Rockband.....I want one...