Friday, February 19, 2010

happy stuff

Dear snow,

why are you snowing and not even sticking!!!!!!! you've been teasing me all day and snowing down all these cute white flurries (which have made the bottom of pants wet bc i did not know i should wear boots today :(boo!) stick to the ground for goodness sakes so i can have fun with you!!!! you better have stuck to the mountains!!!

onto better and brighter things,
Intramurals week 2, 3, 4

week 2- we missed the game bc we were busy, they lost :( boo
week 3- the most amazing intense game eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! game winning shot at the buzzer, so cool! and powerade totally was there to film it for some espn college intramural basketball series. loved it, proud of my man! and the restof the team
week 4- casey was on fire tonight!! seriously, he's never done so well at shooting! (ie- he never makes his free throws bless his heart, but tonight he did :) and there was this one amazing swat against the other team he did- inspirational!


i'm so very lucky to have casey as a guest poster on our blog sometimes :) it bring a smile to my face. valentine's day was great, we just got to be together and i loved it! we made read heart shaped pancakes, pink colored milk, and bacon for our big celebration! i know, sophisticated :) we loved it though. and i loved my flowers and early morning surprise, such a sweetie!
the coldstone cupcakes :)

lovebirds always!

family home evening:

we had one of ourfavorite FHE's the other night! Us. Scott and Megan. Weston and Amanda and Abby. Rockband. Pizza. loved it!
abby liked the drums


Blair said...

So fun! Wish we could have been there.

Cherri said...

Love Westons concentration shot..... Ha. So glad you all are making the memories like you are.

Cherri said...

So where are the pictures of Casey on the Court?..... with all these cool moves?