Tuesday, February 23, 2010

holding the giggles in, or not :)

blog stalking.
gotta hate it.
gotta love it.
it wastes so much precious time.
hence the new column of lovely blogs.
oh well :)

someday i too will have 
-a house to decorate
-time to craft
-a sewing machine
-passion and time for baking and cooking better
-funny children to talk about

talking about children PLEASE visit this blog!
you will giggle so much!
unable to contain your laughter (at least for me!)

during church casey and i love looking at all the cute kids in the ward do funny things
-sit on each other
-cry uncontrollably
-say funny things
-make funny faces
-make funny noises
-get hurt
-steal food from each other
-fall off chairs
it's just a hoot for us during church! (we talk about how we need to pay attention more...)
and then will giggle at each other and think it'll be so funny for us one day too!
so much fun stuff to look forward to...
but for now we get to just look forward to each other :)

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