Tuesday, February 9, 2010

the start of birthday week celebrations!!!

casey will get one year older this friday! (and he's getting wiser as i write:)
so we're having a week of celebrations!

to begin, we went to WY to be with the cutlers for what little time we could squeeze in!
so glad we did!
such a blast!
we saw the movie Leap Year with the family, super cute!
how can you not love chick flicks?
ps- i was loving those cute, red heels in every scene with every fiber of my heart
pps- the movie theater had 2 theaters...oh wyoming :)
early birthday celebration time!
this is what you call frosting :)
some of the gang,
we celebrated during the half time fo the superbowl :)
they are a hoot to be with
as you can see from the pic above, there was also eclair cake that we made.
it was divine
and one of the easiest "cakes" ever.
saying casey enjoys it is an understatement
monday celebrations: 
love. love. love.love
happiness. happiness. happiness.
yummy. yummy. yummy.
it was our first excursion to the provo one
lovin the special treat of milkshakes!!!
  all gone.
like magic.


Cody and Camille said...

Yeah for fun in good old WYO! So I love the picture of the family at the table. Derek is clutching his cell phone and Tayli's cell is like an inch away. That is SOOO them. Happy Birthday to Casey on Friday! Remember you beat me to the 23 by only 3 weeks!!!

Nik and Dawna said...

Sounds like a freakin awesome birthday!
I want that eclair cake recipe...please!!!
And how long did you have to wait at In N Out?? I would totally say it is worth the wait if I didnt have to inhale all that exhaust or stand out in the cold. I heart that place but have yet to go to the Provo location.

Nik and Dawna said...

Thanks for the recipe.
And that sounds like a date!
Dinner+RB2+Dessert. Let's do it.

Annie said...

In & Out + cupcakes = HEAVEN!

Kimber's wedding pictures = PERFECTION!

Blair said...

Happy Birthday on Friday Casey ! Glad to see you guys are living it up.