Friday, December 18, 2015

Ward Christmas Party

Today Casey finished part 2 of his national boards exam! GO CASEY! This was the last test/exam he has to study super intense for, we couldn't be more thrilled for this guy. So proud of him and all his hard work!

Well immediately following his test we had plans to drive to Wyoming for interviews and then make our way down to Denver to fly to AZ. Well those darn Wyoming roads are closed due to snow and high winds, HOW ROTTEN! So we are momentarily stuck here in Nebraska, it's s strange feeling not being gone already for break, we'll leave in a couple days to go meet up with family.

We are very excited to be with our families for the Christmas season, until that happens, here are a couple photos of our ward Christmas party a little bit ago. We sure have a great ward and I'm thankful to be in it!

Centerpieces were gingerbread houses by the youth.
We had so many great helpers with our unruly children. This dear man in our ward, Brother Christensen, nearly is ALWAYS holding a sleeping baby during the Sunday School house at church this year. He's always so ready and willing to hold these babies and let them sleep on him, we are so grateful for his willingness to help us constantly!
The Bundy's were HUGE helpers with our kids too, shocker, that family is always amazing at helping with our bunch of kids. So thankful for them inner lives!
5 very talented women played their flutes together and it was pure music to the ears, make me want to go pick up that violin I haven't seen in a decade!
The babies didn't really get that whole santa thing that was going on.
This was as far as Maxson got, we didn't prep him enough ahead of time, he wouldn't even get on his lap for CANDY! Beloved candy! Ha!

Still have a a little Wyoming Thanksgiving and Maxson's birthday to blog about next!!!

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