Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A 6 year anniversary

We celebrated out 6 year anniversary this year! It was super fabulous. Let's see in years past, the first 2 anniversaries we didn't have kids so let's be honest, every day of marriage was like an anniversary, (do what you want! no responsibility! alone time 24/7). Our 3rd year I was LARGE with child and we were eagerly awaiting his arrival and that was the main thing on our mind. Our 4th year we went to see a movie real quick and took Max with us to dinner. Our 5th year, newborn twins, pretty much didn't go anywhere ever for 6 months. So when our 6th anniversary came around this year I was STARVING for some quality alone time with my dear husband over here. No newborns, no large pregnantness, we were bound to make it awesome.

Our awesome friend Katie (always a big shout out to that girl!) volunteered to watch the kids, we left near dinner time (I think after we even fed the kids, ha). Anytime I get in the car with Casey alone I feel like a free woman who wants to crazy, ha, I love my children but you need breaks from people you love sometimes.

The first item on our checklist was mattress shopping! Mattress looking really. We want and need a kind size bed so badly, one day we'll find one that's a good fit and price for us, it may be after graduation, but it was still fun!

We stopped at Olive Garden for dessert...and then while sitting Casey couldn't stand the smell and ordered dinner, ha. 

We booked a night at a hotel nearby (with a king size bed!). Best 10 hour of non interrupted sleep of my life in YEARS! Love that dear husband of mine.

We awoke in the morning to go to a matinee showing of Hunger Games on its opening weekend. After experiencing recliner seats at a theater, I will never again go to a normal theater, it was so insanely comfortable! (If you can't tell in the pics, our feet are up, ha, and you can cuddle in the seats, so great!

So that was our 6 year anniversary celebration, it was so beyond wonderful. I love love loved every minute. Happy anniversary my dear sweet husband!

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Jessie and Austin said...

That sounds sooooo wonderful!! Happy anniversary!