Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Wednesday action

Some days, I have some great days with my kids. Like I'm on top of the world, lots of energy, patient, happy mama. I love those days.

Some days are horrible wretched awful, I have little to no energy to do anything, the children are whiny, we're all always hungry, and we're living in a mess. My patience is non existent and Maxson is fully defiant, blah, those days are the pits.

Luckily today is the first day.

The kitchen is clean and tidy thanks to Katie's and my not lazy butt last night.

I finally cleaned up our master bedroom.

I organized the basement and got rid of stuff.

I went to the park with my kids.

I sat and fed my twins their lunch.

Max easily, went down for a nap on his own accord.

I folded one basket of laundry (let's not think of the other 3 at the top of the stairs).

I played with the babies for a long time on the ground making them laugh and giggle and watching them learn.

It's just been a great day today and for that I am happy and grateful.

**Also to be noted for today, I believe I heard Maxson saying "stupid" for the first time today, ha, we need to do something about that!

If you're looking for Bryson, he can probably be found in the table much of the day. He loves to climb but hates to come down
And Quinn. I can count on one ALWAYS at my feet crying to be held. At least he was smiling about it
Good napping kids=projects, yay! Super easy glitter wreath btw
Yesterday's coming home for lunch crew. The lord is being insanely kind by giving me a warm winter so far!


Last night we had a Relief Society activity, it was mostly just talking and socializing but what I loved the most was singing a few Christmas carols. It was so cheerful to sing those happy songs about Christ's birth and the Christmas season. I sure do love Christmas music.

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