Monday, December 14, 2015

A little trip to Kansas

Back in November we took a little trip to Kansas City, MO to attend the BYU football game vs MIZZOU. Oh we love out BYU football team! Katie's family lives about an hour from the venue so we stayed with her family and finally met them! We've heard so much about them and them us that it was so wonderful to meet them finally. Maxson LOVED their dogs and we loved being with her kind family.

The night before we left saintly old Katie volunteered to shampoo our carpets with the shampoo vac we had rented, bless her soul!
Once we got there we took them family out to a little deli place for lunch. Going out to lunch reminded me why I never take my family out to  eat EVER these days, ha.
Sleeping babies in the car, oh so cute!
That night we went to the football game and met up with our friends, the Chamberlains, who sat by us, we had such a great time with them. The boys thoroughly enjoyed discussing the football game together, we were all freezing, their baby was adorable, crappy calls were made by officials, we lost, but still had fun. Love me some cougar action.
Katie is the best with the kids, we are so lucky to have her in our life.

Quinn decided at 2:20 am party was in store at Katie's parents house, ooy, that's never happened before luckily.
At church in Kansas Max made friends with another little boy IMMEDIATELY. They played cars and tested the boundaries of inching forward all sacraemtn meeting.

We had a great time there meeting Katie's family, we even visited their little farm and points on our way out of town, unfortunately Max was sleeping but he would have LOVED them. And then the babies were awful and cried so much of the way home, blah.

Hopefully we'll get to go again!

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This Katie chick sounds AWESOME!!