Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The changing of the season

Fall in Nebraska seriously got an A++++++. It was so bomb. It was warm, the leaves slowly changed colors and lasted a  really long time this year, it was super amazing. I was so grateful for a a very warm fall.

A pool of leaves was super fun.
Chloe and Max
Chloe and the babies stayed in much longer than Max, these 3 were cute together.
Quinn! (With nasty snot coming everywhere)

Q, B
This gorgeous red tree killed it this year, it was much more vibrant in person..
Boys playing on the broken down jeep.
I thought Quinn on the hood was really funny.
You see these leaves!? Killed it!
Walks in November was AWESOME!
On one super cold day in November we bundled up real well and went walking to the school, it was sad to see all the trees had finally dropped their leaves.
See this strange weather? It was November 5th in this picture, we are outside comfortably with no shoes or jackets, it was GREAT. (insert tears for Arizona here)

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Cherri said...

Love the Fall.... we even got some this year at the appropriate time in AZ