Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Grammies Christmas Party 2015

So while in Wyoming for Thanksgiving Grammie threw her annual Christmas Party while a bunch of the family came in town that weekend for Tayliann's homecoming! All the kids loved it as usual, she spent so much time making it personal and fun, it tires me out just thinking about it, she is such a great grandma to these kids, onto some pictures!

Sitting around as she explains the unveiling of the "Christmas themes!" (My mother in-law's own mother did a special theme for each grandchild where each each year that would get a present that had something to do with their theme. The theme was announced by sitting in a special chair, reading a special book that had to do with their theme, receiving their special gift and getting to ring the special bell for Christmas stations. Casey and all the siblings LOVE it and they were all so excited that this year she began the tradition in their family again!)
 Max very thrilled for his turn.
 Oh ya know, just picking his nose like usual...
 Porter had the best contagious spirit and excitement for each person, it was amazing and adorable.
 Maxson's theme is TRAINS! He received the Polar Express book and a little Thomas the Train set that he is OBSESSED with. This theme so represents Maxson in life since he is on the go go go with much power and force behind his movements!

 One Max received his gift he didn't pay attention at all to the others, ha.

 Some of the Christmas stations included making signs for Tayli's homecoming that night, a paper chain,
 decorating Christmas cups,
 and of course the crowd favorite sugar cookie decorating.
 There was Christmas bingo too when kids lost attention to other activities or finished too quickly.
 Later that evening Cody and Camill's family arrived and received their themes as well as the twins who were asleep before.
 We had Bryson and Quinn go together, it was so stinking adorable, I love their little tummies.
 Bryson's theme is bears (he's kinda the more cuddly twin so I see the bear as fitting) and Quinn is a Snowman (he's always the jolly old soul ;) When the unveiling of themes began Nan talked at how she prayed individually for the children's theme to find one that was special and meaningful to each of them, and it definitely was.

So that was Grammie's Christmas Party of 2015!


Jessie and Austin said...

I love the themes idea! My grandma did something similar. I want to hear more about their themes/gifts etc. Being a grandparent must just be so fun!

The Christophersons said...

This is so fun and special! Love it!! I'd love to hear some of the other themes too.