Thursday, December 17, 2015

(The big) Cutler family pictures

Since everyone was there we took some family pictures before church on Sunday! It is quite convenient being a photographer and we can choose the exact time (15 minutes after the original time we hoped for!) and location (right outside the front door in the street!). It's funny we never say what colors we're all wearing but it works out enough!

From left to right it's Tayli, Derek, Kerri's family, Brad and Nan, Karle, Cody's family, Casey's family.
Pre pictures= crying children.
It was SOOOOOOOOOOO cold outside! The kids were NOT having for the grandkid picture, haha, this is pretty much the best we have, no joke
The Cutler family.

Love me some Cutlers!

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Cherri said...

Lucky YOU!.... Blessed you!