Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Cold and flu season

Being sick is the pits, I absolutely hate it. Even worse is when my little ones are sick because it seems to last longer in their little bodies! And when they get sick they pass it to everyone. It seems like we have something almost every other week these and I'm ready for the sickness to STOP! We've been very diligent at washing hands, cleaning surfaces with lysol disinfectants, and having hand sanitizer in various rooms, cars, and bags easily accessible and use often. We have even big dabbling in using the onGuard oil on kids feet to see if it helps keep their immune systems stronger with fighting of all these awful germs.

Poor little Bryson, is halfway through antibiotics for getting rid of an ear infection. He's finally eligible for tubes in his ears, which is scheduled for next week. I just feel so bad for this poor boy, I want him to finally be unstick (and me to be able to stop wiping noses 24/7 or carrying him around all the time!). This is the face of a sick child, those dumb germs.

Max went in to get his 3 year well checkup yesterday and it all went as expected. 

The whole car ride there and first 10 minutes of the visit he kept saying "no doctor, no yike doctor," he was totally unwilling to do anything even step on the scale to get weighed, sigh, that boy. Every time, I don'd know why! But after they just kept doing stuff like blood pressure, heart rate, questions, he was completely fine with it all and liked the nurse and doctor. We got his flu vaccine and it was so easy. All he had to do was sniff the vaccine up his nose, no pokes, woohoo! He was very happy to get 2 sticky lizards afterwards for his prize and a minion sticker. 

The babies got their vaccines back at their year check up. I always have questions about vaccines so I'm so glad when Bankers Healthcare Group reached out to me with this infographic about flu myths to share with you guys.

So here's your happy and healthy reminder to keep yourself healthy this season (or go get your vaccine if you haven't already, MOTHER!)

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