Tuesday, December 8, 2015


We spent a lovely Thanksgiving in Green River, WY with Casey's family. We had plans to drive to Utah Thanksgiving day to be with Casey's dad's side of the family but there was a lot of snow the night before and a little more that day so sadly we didn't end up getting to make the drive. I wasn't disappointed to miss out on 6 more hours of driving with my kids that day but I am sad we didn't get to meet up with Casey's cousin, Kayli, who has twin boys 5 months older than mine, it would have been a riot with all our boys together!

Grammy and Max made these little sugar turkeys, Max ate so much of the candy, frosting, and cookies during it that I hoped so badly he would get a tummy ache and realize the consequence of his actions. Watching them do that activity and constantly telling Max not to continue eating it all reminded me why I don't do fun activities like that with him yet, ha, as mean as that sounds. I try to avoid any and all power struggles of candy and other things with that boy. I'm glad they had fun.
Here is their pointers win/fail, I thought it was hilarious.
Snow! We got to play lots in the snow that day, it was Maxson's first snow of the season and it's so fun to see the excitement in their discovering it all over again.

Quinn was terribly upset that he couldn't come outside with us. Grammy helped him touch the snow, I took a video of it too and his little giggle when touching the snow is adorable.
You can always find these grandparents on the ground with little ones. Poo Grandpa's back though, Max just dines't know how to be careful around him.
We got to happened to come in the night of Karlee's 16th birthday celebration, I just cannot believe that girl is 16, so crazy!
How teenagers spend Thanksgiving day/prep apparently, ha.

A nice quaint little crowd.
Post Thanksgiving dinner = sleeping, except for the children apparently.
We worked real hard on coloring some music books Casey wanted for our family.
His inner artist came out.
Oh and back to Thanksgiving dinner, I did the rolls, stuffing, a sweet potatoes this year. Not my best rounds but still good.
And here's Casey helping me scout out locations for family photos :)

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