Monday, January 4, 2016

Back from Christmas

Back to the grind of life!

It was a wild ride back, I'll write more about it later.  But for now know that we had a SUPER insanely smooth ride back even though there were about 10 horrible things going against us, it all worked out thanks to the Lord's tender hand!

We have truly been so blessed this Christmas season. We've been around all our wonderful family for some time now, we've been in great weather, we celebrated our Savior Jesus Christ's birth, it's just been so stinking wonderful these past couple weeks.

I'll get to the pictures hopefully this month but for now the aftermath of all our going and doing is still taking a number on me, ha.

As wonderful as my wonderful children are, they are at a stage where it's so beyond completely exhausting. Maxson is wild. Everyone describes him as wild, tornado, busy, go go go, crazy, determined, smart, etc. He has such a passionate spirit about life that it can be exhausting. I love him to death and he makes me laugh and smile so much, but he is at a hard age. If he could just be in one of those huge bounce house places all by himself for weeks straight with an audience watching him he would be one insanely happy soul. But that's not how life works. He needs to learn how to share and be kind to others, to be calm at times and restrain his passion for life. Bless his soul I love him so dearly, but I do not see this coming year of being three being any easier for him or myself. Especially with his lack of desire for naps anymore these days.

The babies are hilarious and cute as well these days. But they sure are needy and cry-ey. Anyone who has been around them long enough gets when I say "they cry a lot." They just seem to follow me around all day and cry at my feet and legs and want to be held and since there's so much to do I can't just hold them both all day long. I wish I could but that's not life.

Today begins potty training. We've been telling Max for the past 2-3 months that after we get home fro Christmas there's no more diapers and he gets to wear big boy underwear and go potty on the toilet! Oh how I really hope it works for us this time around. He can do it, because for one whole day in October he did freaking fabulous. It just comes down to him choosing to stop his activity and GO!

So here's to making it. As always send good thoughts my way because I surely ALWAYS need them!


Cherri said...

Go Team Training!

Jessie and Austin said...

Hiiiiiiiii! Welcome back. You're awesome. You can do hard things. Heck you've been doing them for a while now.