Wednesday, April 2, 2014


man oh man, i have not gotten around to blogging! it's been on my mind so much but for some reason i just don't have the energy to blog! all day long i think "i'm going to write a quick snippet about this" "i need to upload pictures" "i need to edit my pictures" "actually first, i need to edit that photo shoot". I feel like i can't blog about my life until i'm up to date in my photo business. but right now, i am! that shall only last until this weekend though…

i won't write too much now but there's 2 things i want to mention.

1. the general women's meeting broadcast. it was last saturday night and wasn't it so wonderful??? the spirit was so strong and i was so deeply reminded how special we daughters of god our in our creator's eyes. i wish there were meetings like that ever saturday night!

2. i've been having some off days lately. maxson has been a pill since we got back from our trip (although he's back to sleeping well, hallelujah!) and i've haven't adjusted back into the swing of things. there was one evening that as all the chaos was going on i couldn't help but laugh at it all:

as i'm pulling the hot lasagna out of the oven i'm simultaneously stopping maxson from pulling down a bag of cereal from the counter, while talking on the phone to casey, maxson is now crying because he didn't get the cereal, i'm not listening to casey talking because i'm telling maxson "hot! hot!" to stay away from the oven (he's really good at obeying that command), and of course the kitchen is a giant mess all around me. all i could do was laugh because that is totally my life these days.

here's to hoping i can get back into the swing of things and update more of our life lately!


Brooke said...

Personally I think being a mama and wife AND having your photo biz on the side is a perfectly great excuse for not blogging more. You are seriously a champion kimber

Cherri said...

May I just parlay the thought that life will often continue in what seems like forward moving Chaos.... but for you as that time moves forward you will just get better and better at handling the Chaos. Someday you will look back after having 5 little ones around and think ..."oh how easy it would be to just have one again" It is amazing how WOMEN can adapt!

Cherri said...

You are doing amazing BTW!

Amy said...

Amen to your great Mom! Busy women can do more!
I love when you do blog and feel closer to you because you share such great moments in your sweet family life. Keep it up when you can. . .you are doing fantastic! Love to you all!