Friday, April 18, 2014

easter eggs

this afternoon we went out to our picnic table and dyed some easter eggs!
oh boy was it a mess, haha.
my camera died after 2 minutes but luckily we had our trusty iPhone.
maxson loved dipping the eggs in the colors but he also loved smashing them, haha.
we had lots of smashed eggs.
and his little shirt got dye on it, should have just taken it off.
but it was still really fun and i'm glad to keep traditions going!
 photo IMG_1274_zpsbedbf9f3.jpg
 photo IMG_1271_zps22484f7c.jpg
 photo IMG_1223_zps907b276a.jpg
 photo IMG_1272_zpsf73bca46.jpg
 photo IMG_1225_zpsf7087cfc.jpg
 photo IMG_1230_zpscc612f01.jpg
 photo IMG_1242_zps57485612.jpg
 photo IMG_1235_zps2b2ece03.jpg
 photo IMG_1275copy_zpsa66d0694.jpg
 photo IMG_1236_zps17204947.jpg
 photo IMG_1238_zpsa02e8bf8.jpg
 photo IMG_1241_zpsb017be39.jpg

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Andy Ballstaedt said...

Such a pretty, fun mom.